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“SOP has been a tremendously useful tool for my practice. The age change/birthday mail merge alone has allowed me to keep my promise of the six month check in with clients, along with finding new case open opportunities that would otherwise not have happened. The efficiency with which we can perform tasks and, the videos for reference has eliminated countless hours of search frustration. This has allowed me to boldly see more people without the fear that I might lose someone through the cracks that existed. Thank you for creating this system!”

Filomena Gomes, RICP®


To Curate World Class Client Experience and Efficiency

“The efficiency that Justin and SOP gave me in my practice vaulted me from a mediocre business to Top 10 Regional Year and Lives Leader Summit. I can’t imagine my business without the influence of Justin and his process improvement initiatives through SOP. Every advisor should take the time to sit down and go through SOP to learn how to better run their business, so it doesn’t run them.”

Spencer Montgomery

Financial Advisor

“The SOP has help me when it came to hiring and onboarding my first staff member.

I was able to delegate task and set clear expectations on responsibilities of my staff member and myself.

I look forward to fully mastering this process.”

Kerven Janvier

Financial Advisor

“SOP has been a game changer for many of my advisors. The processes they or their teams have implemented have allowed them to focus on the most impactful parts of their business – client acquisition. Four of my advisors had their best years ever after integration of SOP and one hit lives leader summit in his second year in large part due to the coaching and learnings from this training and Justin.”

Nikki Stokes CLTC® CLU®, ChFC®, M.A, RICP®
Managing Director/Financial Advisor

“Our firm instantly jumped at the opportunity to Partner with SOP for two main reasons. One being the supportive nature of weekly videos our Financial Planning team can offer to new advisors when hiring staff for the first time and secondarily, the programming offered to our veteran advisors guides them through a different way to approach their clients, and team members, through a unique deliverable that will allow systems to drive their goals, with less time spent away from their families. We have been receiving positive feedback ever since we initiated the relationship.”

Tom Goes, CLU®,
Managing Partner

“In my 16+ years with NM, there has unfortunately never been an emphasis on teaching processes or systems or best practices for our entire business (prospecting, fact finding, closing, underwriting, onboarding, reviewing, etc.) , so I’ve always created my own. However, I’ve struggled more and more over time as new technology has been rolled out and regularly updated because there is no one to teach us how to truly implement that technology into our processes.

The TPCs hired by the Home Office know how to click through the software and run some reports, but struggle to successfully teach us the ways to truly build the technology into our systems throughout the entire sales cycle – because they’ve never actually been in the field as an advisor. Justin has helped me more in the first 30-60 days of working together than all the TPCs combined over many years. For example, SHOWING ME how to implement Scheduler technology effectively and use mail merge for age change emails was incredibly eye opening immediately boosting efficiency – and it resulted in some term conversions that I never would have anticipated.

Lastly, there used to be specific times to attend topical training sessions hosted by our Network Office or by the Home Office – which was WAY more effective for me. I’m someone who needs a specific time booked with another human being in order to fully commit. Nowadays, everything is provided in an online “self-study” format. I can never easily find what I’m looking for, nor am I able to ask specific questions to someone with the expertise to help. Watching your videos and meeting with you on a regular basis via Zoom so that you can SHOW ME what to do and hold me accountable has been invaluable.”

Jessica M. Majeski, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®, RICP®, CLTC®
Wealth Management Advisor




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